About Us

A little about us...

 We're building a bohemian luxe gals' club with wine benefits. A portion of the profits will support charitable organizations. 

We look forward to featuring artisans, thereby helping small businesses succeed, as well as making a difference in the world at large.

We are passionate about women supporting women, living creatively, personal growth, entrepreneurship, and enjoying a glass of vino with a Wine Sister. 

 The idea started with a glass of wine and has morphed many times, always inspired by friendship and a 1979 Green VW Bus named Philis (our mascot).

We are in talks to partner with a wine maker to help us create a Peace, Love & Wine labeled brand of wine in the future.

We recently collaborated with a yoga studio to do a live Happy Hour Yoga - first yoga, then wine!

We look forward to doing more in-person girl power and wine events. We love to collaborate so feel free to reach out and share your ideas. Email info@peaceloveandwine.com

Ultimately, we are on a mission to help find a cure for diseases like female cancers and ALS. 

A portion of our profits go to charities and medical research organizations.

We would be honored to gain your support!

Peace, Love, and Wine,

Tiffany Humfeld (Founder and Wine Sister in Charge) 

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A portion of profits are donated to charitable organizations.